Patsy Reeve Scholarship


Over the past 5 years, we have been able to help over 30 students who are great people and need help financially. Last year, the Patsy Reeve Scholarship Fund was able to give 8 students $2500 scholarships to help them out. We have been able to carry on our mom’s passion for helping her students.

Patsy was an amazing person. She was a mother of four and nana to 11 grandkids. Patsy loved her family more than anything and was a stay at home mom for a good majority of her life. As her kids grew older, she was finally able to achieve a career of her own. Patsy got a job at ASU West. Throughout these years at ASU, Patsy found a niche planning programs and working with student workers. She loved her job, but mostly, she loved working with students and helping them get through their college years.

There are many students that have been affected by Patsy, and we know that she wished she could have done more for many of her students financially. There were many times when Patsy mentioned she wished she could get more money for her students in order to help them. Patsy’s love for her students is why this scholarship fund was set up in her name. It is a team effort amongst her personal family and her ASU family.

Patsy was our mom… an amazing mom and person. She was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer about four years ago and battled it heroically. Unfortunately, the cancer eventually won the battle and our mom passed away on Dec. 18, 2013. She was still young and had a lot of life a head of her.

We want to keep our mom’s legacy moving forward and do what she loved doing….helping students and giving them a helping hand. We hope to be able to give these scholarships for many years to come, and we know mom would be so happy that we are all coming together to do this.

About 5 years ago, one of Patsy's grandkids was born with Spina Bifida. His name was Patrick, and he was born only a month before Patsy passed away. Patrick never got to know his nana, but we know our mom would be so happy her foundation is helping kids just like him.

This scholarship is for undergraduate students enrolled in the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences at Arizona State University with financial need.


Jeff Godbehere Scholarship


Jeff was an amazing guy. He was truly an inspiration to many people that were lucky enough to know him. Jeff came into our lives when he met our sister Cassi on the bus that takes students from ASU West over to the Tempe campus. I can remember the first time we met him as he walked through the front door of our home. I noticed right away that he walked with a limp and how personable he was. We came to find out that Jeff lost use of his leg after harsh radiation to treat his rare form of cancer he was diagnosed with when he was just 14.

Needless to say, this diagnosis was extremely tough on his parents Chris and Walt, and his older brother Greg. But because of Jeff's character, he battled it head on with chemo and radiation. He did lose his ability to use one of his legs, which was extremely hard for Jeff because he was really into sports and being active in the outdoors. Jeff battled cancer off and on as he went to school, graduating from Washington High School and then getting his bachelors degree from the landscape design school at ASU.

Jeff was really into architecture and specifically landscape design. I remember Jeff drawing yard designs at our house with his colored pencils and thinking how talented he was at that. This was before computers took over!! My sister and Jeff eventually got married a few years later and got their first cool little house in downtown Phoenix. Jeff got a great job with a home builder designing different landscapes, and he would even ride his bike to work with only one leg pedaling! I don't know how he did that!!

A couple years later, they told us the excited news that they were expecting their first baby. However, only a few months later, Jeff's cancer came back once again. Like he had done many times before, Jeff battled it with everything he had. Unfortunately, the cancer won the battle this time, and Jeff passed away at the age of 31. Jeff and his family battled cancer for 17 years of his life.

Jeff's death was hard on all of us. He died way too young. Jeff was an amazing son, brother, husband, and he would have been an amazing dad. More than anything, Jeff wanted to be a dad. A few months after Jeff lost his battle, Jeffrey Jr. was born into our lives. Jeff Jr. is a great little guy just like his dad was. Little Jeff is now 13 and almost as tall as me!!

We wanted to start a scholarship in Jeff's name because Jeff changed our lives when we met him. He was such a great person. Not only did Jeff graduate from college with a good degree, but he did it while going through multiple battles with cancer. Jeff was an inspiration to so many people, and he had a great heart.

We wanted to continue his legacy for years to come and award scholarships to deserving students in the ASU design school just like Jeff was at one point. Last year was the first year we were able to award 2 scholarships, and we hope to increase that number every year as we raise more money. We hope that little Jeffrey and Jeff's family can give his scholarships to students for years to come.

This scholarship is for undergraduate students enrolled in The Design School at Arizona State University with financial need.